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Lets Delight appoints Adam Revill as Finance Specialist

COVID-19 has created a difficult economic environment over the past 12 months. Despite this, Lets Delight have continued to expand their property portfolio. Due to this growth we have appointed a Finance Specialist, Adam Revill.

Adam has previously consulted with a wide range of companies within property, international trade and banking. He brings this knowledge with him, as well as experience of leading successful businesses. Working remotely, he will support Lets Delight as part of the Senior Management Team. This role will focus on further developing Lets Delight's investment opportunities. Adam will also provide support for those that are interested in beginning their journey in property investment.

"Adam is a great addition to the Lets Delight Team. His experience within the property sector and finance solutions is invaluable to us as we grow our number of Furnished Holiday Lets and Shared Living Projects." explained Ian Boddison, Managing Director of Lets Delight.

Lets Delight's portfolio expansion can be divided between two types of properties: furnished holiday lets and Shared Living Projects. The furnished holiday cater to short term guests, including corporate and leisure travellers. The Shared Living Projects focus on providing longer term accommodation for young professionals. This diversity in property and customer types means that Lets Delight has reported its most successful year in 2020.

Adam explained. "Joining Lets Delight is an exciting opportunity to work with an ambitious property investment company. Alongside managing my own buy to let portfolio I have assisted companies to raise funding in excess of £25 million, and look forward to bringing some of these ideas and structures to Lets Delight.

"I will be focussing on developing products to give investors healthy returns whether they are property experts or dipping their toe into increasing their personal wealth."

To find out more about investing in property with Lets Delight book a call with Adam our Investment Specialist on 0247 507 2136 or email him at, or see our Investment Page.

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