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Part of The Housing Solution

Doing our bit to make UK Housing better for everyone

There is no doubt that much is wrong with the UK housing market. Some would even call it broken. We wouldn't go that far but do recognise many of the problems.

We have written before about why people rent. There we briefly looked at the history of home ownership. We also considered the rise and fall of the council house. All this history has led to undeniably structural problems in housing. This isn't helped by successive legislative changes. Many of which have vacillated.

At Lets Delight we know there are no simple fixes. The problems are too complex and run too deep. But that doesn't mean the situation is hopeless.

We strive to do play the positive part we can to help. Our mission is simple...

To be Part of The Housing Solution.

Part, because we cannot address the whole situation.
Solution, because by being part of the solution we avoid creating problems.

While we recognise that much is wrong with UK housing, there is also a lot that is right. Despite what much of the media would have us believe, the situation is far from dire.

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