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PropTools - how we manage the business of diverse property

During this series on diversification we have looked at different sorts of property. To support operations, every business needs systems. Lets Delight is no exception. What makes Lets Delight stand out is that we make some of the tools we use available to others.

Tracking potential houses to buy requires a system. As does working out if they make commercial sense. Even having access to information about rental prices is important to efficient operation. So, many of the tools and systems we need, we have created. Some of these are available to everyone through PropTools.

PropTools has free information about the rental prices across the UK. These come with a Supply Index. Together they are a good indicator of how easy it will be to rent a property and the likely income. The information is available for houses, flats and house share rooms. This is really useful information to property professionals.

We are often asked why we give this away for free. The answer is simple. It is not a core part of our business, these are tools we developed to help us. It doesn't cost us anything to let others use them. By making them available we help other property professionals and promote our business. Plus, it demonstrates to our investors and others that we understand the market. That we have the ability and tools to make sound, sustainable decisions.

The other question we get asked about PropTools is: "will you start charging?" No! The information that is available now will continue to be free. We may add extra PropTools services and charge for these in future. But the rental pricing will remain free.

In this short series we have looked at:
- The importance of diversification
- Flats for Families
- Shared Living Projects
- Furnished Holiday Lets
- PropTools - the technology that ties them all together

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