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Spreading Delight During Lockdown

Lets Delight reach out to their community to combat loneliness

Warwickshire based property company Lets Delight offer long term accommodation to tenants and shorter stays for holiday makers and corporate clients at their properties throughout the midlands and North of England.

Lets Stay is the furnished holiday let division of the business. As leisure trips have been cancelled and business travel is limited, Lets Stay has not welcomed the normal volume of visitors that the Team are used to. This has meant that Creator of Customer Contentment, Debbie, has not been calling holiday makers and corporate clients about their upcoming trips. These calls are to answer questions, share important information, gather feedback and ensure that trips to Lets Stay properties run smoothly for guests.

Debbie, affectionately known as Debbie The Dialler, has diverted her focus to reaching out to those that may benefit from a friendly phone call. The Team have created a campaign which allows those on the Lets Stay mailing list to request a call with Debbie for a quick chat, whether that is about the weather, news, hobbies, or future plans for post-lockdown.

Ian Boddison, Director of Lets Delight, explained the idea behind the initiative. “The last twelve months have changed all aspects of people's lives – how we work, travel and socialise have dramatically altered. For me personally, the change has not been so dramatic as I have worked from home for years but a recent conversation with a friend highlighted how hard this lockdown is impacting peoples mental health.”

Lets Stay are hopeful that their properties will once again be filled with holiday makers, friends, and families later this year. In the meantime, the Team will continue to use resources to reach out to their community and lend a listening ear. "Debbie is patient, kind and a good listener. So, we know that a call or text from Debbie could be little help to brighten people’s days while we wait for lockdown restrictions to ease.” said Joolz Summerfield, Director of Lets Delight.

If you or someone you know would benefit from a friendly chat, simply request a call by visiting.

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