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Staying in our own properties

Why we stay at our properties and other landlords should do the same

Some things need experiencing to properly appreciate them. And so it is with property. Everything may seem fantastic, but it is not until someone actually lives there that the shortcomings become apparent. That's why we nearly always try out our own properties.

Before housemates move into a new Shared Living Project, we stay there for a couple of days. When we don't have guests in a Furnished Holiday Let for a couple of nights, we take the opportunity to spend a little time making minor improvements. The only properties we don't usually stay in are our Flats for Families. We expect the tenants to make the space into their personalised home and we don't supply furniture.

It is always amazing how many minor issues are found simply by spending a couple of nights in your own property. Adding an extra towel hook in a bathroom may make a significant difference to the housemate, tenant or guest. However, it is rare for anyone to ask for such a thing. We would never know unless we experienced life at the property firsthand.

We have plenty of experience setting up Shared Living Projects and Furnished Holiday Lets. Therefore, it is infrequent for anything significant to come up whilst we are staying there. Even if we are confident the minor inconveniences have been ironed out, staying for a few days allows us to spot maintenance issues that housemates generally overlook. It's a fact of life that there is always something that needs doing on a property.

In some cases, when there is a spare room we have even stay with a tenant. Besides all the benefits above, this provides the opportunity to get to know them better. This helps them feel more comfortable approaching us should there be a problem in the future.

Putting in a bit of thought and making a little effort is a win-win for everyone.

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