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You can't time the market

Timing any market is difficult. So we don't even try and it's better for our tenants.

Many people will say that you cannot time the stock markets. We tend to agree with this! Sure, a few traders manage to make quite a bit of money on the stock market. But a lot more lose money. Generally, a buy and hold strategy wins with the stock markets.

The same approach works for property. It is possible to buy a house one month, spend the next couple doing it up and sell it for a profit soon after buying it. Some see this as easy thanks to all the television programmes promoting it. But, it takes a lot of work. There needs to be a good dollop of luck. Plus, the profits are seldom as high as the shows make out. Not by the time hidden costs get included. When property prices are rising, it is much easier than when they are falling.

A lot of the success, or otherwise, will come down to timing. At Lets Delight we never buy with the intention of selling. We buy to hold for the long haul. Our primary aim is to be Part of the Housing Solution. We do that by providing quality, affordable homes to real people. We are not after the quick profit.

That's not to say that we would never sell a property. Towns change. Areas change. People's needs change. It only takes one major employer to move out of the area and the need for Shared Living Projects drops. But we never buy looking for a quick profitable sale.

We provide our tenants with a simple promise. We never evict a good tenant, even when their circumstances change.

Setting up home and settling down is important. Having a space you can call your own, being able to put your mark on it - this is important to everyone. We provide that space. With this comes the responsibility to keep on providing that space for as long as needed.

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