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Working From Home - some statistics

Just 7% of people struggled to work from home

We have been interested to read that only 7% of people struggled to work from home!

That is one of the findings of the Home Comforts report from the Place Alliance. The study was hosted by UCL, with support from Urban Design London, Good Homes Alliance and the Urban Design Group.

The report aimed to understand how where people lived affected their happiness during lockdown.

It found that access to private open space was critical to happiness. Open plan living was identified as a negative factor as the number of people living in homes increased. Only 7% of people struggled to work from home, with social renters being the most affected. The main difficulty faced was the separation go work and home life. Other hinderances included lack of space and other environmental issues, such as light, suitable furniture and poor WiFi.

At Lets Delight we equip our Shared Living Projects and Furnished Holiday Lets with high speed WiFi and dedicated workspaces. This has always been a priority and we are happy to report that our tenants were able to work successfully from home. During lockdown our short-term properties were occupied by keyworkers, who made use of the extra space.

Interestingly, happiness generally increased for people living in older properties and decreased for newer properties.

When it came to the neighbourhood, the public areas around the living space followed the same pattern. More space and older designs led to a greater sense of happiness. Newer, poorly designed communal areas and smaller outdoor spaces were detrimental to the feeling of contentment. However, urban, suburban, and rural districts were very comparable, implying there is no implicit benefit to living in the countryside.

The report recommends that new developments are required to be within 5 minutes of local facilities, shops and services. They should also be no more than 10 minutes walk from parks or other outdoor recreational space. These factors were found to be strong predictors of satisfaction.

The report is an interesting read in its own right. However, it also has some major implications for anyone involved in developing property, be it a light refurb or a new build housing estate.

Even when COVID-19 is a distant memory, its legacy of changing society will be with us for a long time to come. Whilst there will be some return to the workplace, working from home will not be as unusual as it was pre-lockdown. Homes in future will need to help this change. They also need to provide easy access to outdoor spaces and local facilities.

This has always been part of the criteria for assessing where to invest in the next Lets Delight property, even before anyone had heard of COVID or furlough! Having open space and facilities nearby makes life better for everyone, and we want the people who spend time in our properties to have a great quality of life.

Read the full PDF report

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