- Looking after good tenants for life -

We promise to never terminate a tenancy or evict a good tenant even when their circumstances change.

You might have heard in the media, stories of Revenge Evictions. This is where a tenant complains about a genuine problem with their home such as faulty heating and the landlord evicts them rather than fixing the problem.

We think that is unacceptable!

It is important to us that the dwelling we provide for our tenants in not just a house. It is their home.

If there is a problem with one of our properties then we want to know about it. More importantly we want our tenants to feel confident to report problems, discuss issues and to have a great place to live for as long as they choose.

This is why we promise to never evict a good tenant, even if their circumstances change.

Provided the rent is paid, the property is looked after, the neighbours are not unduly upset and no criminal or antisocial behaviour takes place, our tenants know that they have a secure home for as long as they want to remain there.

Lets Delight is bringing a refreshing new face to property rentals.

About Lets Delight Ltd

Lets Delight Ltd is a company run by Joolz Summerfield and Ian Boddison. We are based in the West Midlands. Lets Delight invests in property in various areas of the country, principally the North West of England.

We fundementally believe that when anyone rents a house, it is not just a house - it is their home. This is why we undertake to never evict a good tenant, even when their circumstances change.

Most of our properties are house shares and are ideal for single working people or anyone wanting the community and flexibility that comes with a house share. All of the rooms in our house shares come fully furnished so they can be moved into with nothing more than the person's clothes. We even provide a set of bedding! Plus there is always a communal area to chill out and mix with other tenants and a kitchen with all the required equipment and utensils. Everything is ready to go from the day a tenant moves in...life doesn't get much simpler than that!

There are many people who want to get a good return on their money through property but, for whatever reason, do not want to invest directly in property themselves. Lets Delight can help. Through our property investments we can provide a return on investment significantly higher than can be acheived in most other places. find out more...

Joolz Summerfield

Estates Director

Joolz lives in Coventry. She has a long backgound in the care industry where she has worked in the community and as a Team Leader in a sheltered living complex. Joolz is the Estates Director which involves overseeing our properties to ensure that appropriate maintenance is carried out with the minimum of disruption to people whose homes they are. Her interpersonal skills are excellent and utilised in liasing with contractors, letting agents and other professions to ensure Lets Delight tenants receive the best experience possible.

Joolz enjoys doing voluntary event work such as Olympics, Paralympics, World Police & Fire Games and Glastonbury. This is an oportunity for her to meet new people with a diversity of cultures & backgrounds. As well as her dog Boomer, she also keeps bearded dragons, chickens and one cockerel which doubles as the neighboorhood alarm clock!

Ian Boddison

Operations Director

Ian lives in Warwick and is a carer for his elderly, housebound mother. He has been involved in property since 1994 and is an experienced landlord. He has a backgroud in business management and financial analysis. As Operations Director he ensures that Lets Delight runs smootly and efficiently. He is excellent at ensuring every property we operate is affordable to our tenants whilst creating enough profit to allow us to expand and serve even more families through the provision of quality homes.

Additionally Ian is an award winning public speaker and the author of the personal development book The Magic of 3 Weeks. Ian is daddy to Patrick, a Spollie Dog (Spaniel cross Collie), he loves visiting Istanbul and is learning Turkish in his spare time.

Contact Joolz:

email: joolz@letsdelight.co.uk

Contact Ian:

email: ian@letsdelight.co.uk
blog: www.boddison.com/blog