- Looking after good tenants for life -

We promise to never terminate a tenancy or evict a good tenant even when their circumstances change.

You might have heard in the media, stories of Revenge Evictions. This is where a tenant complains about a genuine problem with their home such as faulty heating and the landlord evicts them rather than fixing the problem.

We think that is unacceptable!

It is important to us that the dwelling we provide for our tenants in not just a house. It is their home.

If there is a problem with one of our properties then we want to know about it. More importantly we want our tenants to feel confident to report problems, discuss issues and to have a great place to live for as long as they choose.

This is why we promise to never evict a good tenant, even if their circumstances change.

Provided the rent is paid, the property is looked after, the neighbours are not unduly upset and no criminal or antisocial behaviour takes place, our tenants know that they have a secure home for as long as they want to remain there.

Lets Delight is bringing a refreshing new face to property rentals.

Information for Cash Investors

Here at Lets Delight we are able to offer anyone with cash to invest a great return on their investment. With banks and other investments offering a pitance, now is the right time to look at investing your cash in property without the risk or hassle of doing it yourself.

Our investors put their cash to work earning a great rate of interest which is allocated to a specific property. Their investment is typically secured through a second charge on the property with the mortgage lender having first charge. This means that in the case of any default or other problem, the investor would be able to force the sale of the property to recover their investment. Such a safe, low risk investment usually attracts a much lower interest rate than that offered by Lets Delight.

Typical investments range from 10k to 50k* with a typical interest rate of 7.5%*

Repayment can be made every month providing a regular income or it can be rolled up to be paid as a lump sum at the end of the loan term. Take your choice for whichever option works best for you. We always have the option to overpay the loan repayments meaning that the investment period may be shorter. However, we will never extend the period without this being approved in full with the investor. It is usual for the full free cashflow to be paid to the investor until the loan is fully repaid. Free cashflow is the profit from the property rental after all costs have been paid including an amount towards future maintenance.

* Figures quoted are intended to provide indicative numbers. Every investment opportunity differs in terms of the capital invested, the period of the investment and the rate of interest offered. Please speak with us for specific investment details and seek independent financial advice if required.

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